Global Ukrainians Forum programe book

Forum Global Ukrainians invites you to get together for the advancement of Ukrainian interests.

July 10-12th, Forum Global Ukrainians — “Globalization, challenges and new opportunities for Ukraine” — brings together expats, governors and experts to develop a strategy for the support of Ukrainian interests in the world.

Forum organizer — international community platform Global Ukraine. It is a network of young and highly educated Ukrainian expatriate leaders who are global thinkers with an international experience. Global Ukraine creates a communication platform for Ukrainians from the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, the EU countries as well as Asian and Arab countries. The idea to create Global Ukraine, which was registered in February 2015, was conceived during the Euromaidan events.

Violeta Moskalu, initiator and co-founder of Global Ukrainians, sees Forum as a potential strategic instrument for reforming Ukraine. International support is essential for these changes. Forum Global Ukrainians can strengthen the work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and state authorities in the protection of the interests of Ukraine in the world.

Euromaidan and the War demonstrated a large potential of new and young Ukrainian leaders and movements abroad. It also served as a trigger for realization of a need for development of a solid strategy and finding new ways for public and cultural diplomatic development, — says Violeta Moskalu. We want to get involved in this process because we are certain that our knowledge and contacts abroad constitute a major resource for the country.

In the opinion of the Global Ukrainians organizers, Forum should help better understand how the West comprehends and perceives the situation in Donbass and the progress of reforms in Ukraine.

Forum participants also want to gather a team of likeminded people, to create conditions for establishing a constructive dialogue between national diplomats, representatives of businesses and government, community experts, to develop a strategy of the public and cultural diplomacy, and to deliver it to the Ukrainian government, national business and political institutions.

Forum lasts for three days:

July 10th — official opening and presentation of volunteers movements which were founded to support “Euromaidan” and Dignity Revolution in different countries worldwide in the past 18 months. Conference by Alexander Melnik, a professor of ICN Business School Metz-Nancy (France). Panel discussion will include government officials, journalists, experts, community activists and representatives of the networkGlobal Ukrainians.

July 11th — Forum sessions devoted to the phenomenon of “people’s diplomacy”, that should contribute to the advancement of the interests of Ukraine abroad.

●      The role of public diplomacy in Hybrid warfare. Diplomats and the international support for Ukraine. Key conclusions for the state informational policy.

●      Global Ukrainians and its role in the global advancement of the Ukrainian Contemporary Art.

●      Global Ukrainians, innovations, digital agenda and economic development of Ukraine.

●      How to grow collaboration with Global Ukrainians? How to most effectively utilize this important intellectual resource for reforming Ukraine?

July 12th — brainstorming sessions where the participants can determine the main directions for the public diplomacy strategy. A plan for further specific initiatives of the Forum Global Ukrainians will be also created and confirmed.