Global Ukrainians plan to introduce Ukraine as a modern country with an outstanding cultural background.

The Global Ukrainians organization aims to make Ukraine into a global & successful startup, according to participants of the Forum “Globalization, challenges & new opportunities for Ukraine” (Kyiv, July 10-12, 2015).

 “As of today, Ukraine is on the first front of the struggle, literally it is an incubator of the future for the West.  Without Ukraine, the West will lose its historical borders. The heart of Europe is beating in Ukraine today,” says Oleksandr Melnyk, a professor from Paris, France (ICN Nancy Metz Business School).

This Forum brought together nearly two dozen of Ukrainians from all over the world.  They all became founders of new volunteer organizations to support Ukraine’s EuroMaidan & the Revolution of Dignity in different countries during the past 18 months.

The next step will be a creation of Global Ukrainians interactive map, according to Violeta Moskalu, the initiator and co-founder of the Forum. This platform will systematize already existing and future connections between Ukrainian expatriates. 

“The element of success here is a unity of people thinking globally.  I’m sure that within the next 5 years we will be able to realize the ”Ukrainian miracle” and embody reforms.  Those thinking globally and acting locally do prevail in the globalized world, that’s why we need to involve Ukraine’s financial and intellectual resources,” says Violeta Moskalu.   

In addition, these diplomats will work on two ambitious projects. The first one is going to be the creation of Global Ukraine Academy, a futuristic university that will bring together the best European and Ukrainian higher educational institutions on the same platform.  It is crucial, in order to make quality changes and raise a generation of new elite of Ukrainians, to raise the cultural & educational level of the population.

The other project is creation of a new informational agency such as АFP or Reuters.  “We have specialists amongst us who release content in 12 languages.  All we need is to unite them into the same platform.  Also, we intend to actively involve social media into creation of this project,” pointed out Ms. Moskalu.

By September 2015, the Global Ukrainians will prepare population and cultural diplomacy strategy, with outlines of detailed steps in the direction of informational policy, advancement of modern arts, economical development & educational projects.

These ideas will be introduced to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministries of Culture & Economy, the Parliament Committees, and National Reforms Council.

To reiterate, this Forum’s initiator is international public organization named Global Ukraine. It is a network of young, educated Ukrainian expatriates experienced internationally and thinking globally. The Global Ukraine creates communication platforms for Ukrainians from the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, European countries, Asia, and the Arab world.  All active Ukrainian expatriates who are willing to advance Ukraine’s interests in the world can join Global Ukraine’s initiative. Today, its main partners are International Renaissance Foundation, Kennan Institute, and Bohdan Havrylyshyn Fund. 

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