Dignity Revolution Events awakened an enormous potential of creative works of Ukrainian because of a sense of common threat. The most important resource for the global promotion of its interests in the world, that now Ukraine has are Ukrainian leaders, expats, Global Ukrainians.

Our expats have become real and very active national diplomats, those who represent and defend the interests of Ukraine in the world. Unifying together all efforts, making coherent strategy for public diplomacy, we will promote the national interests and goals of Ukraine.

And this is exactly the goal of Global Ukraine: cultural development strategy and business development of diplomacy via the communication platform with our Global Ukrainians – the most active Ukrainian leaders on a global level.

The international organization Global Ukraine was established and registered in Kyiv in early 2015. And already till 10 to 12 July 2015, with the support of the Kiev office of the International Renaissance Foundation, the I Forum Global Ukrainians was organized, which brought together young Ukrainian leaders-expats to develop some strategy for public diplomacy. Work continued in the working groups for the next 3 months, and the final vision was publicly presented and discussed during the II Forum of Global Ukrainians in October 31, held in KMBS (Kyiv Mohyla Business School) , in the presence of representatives of various ministries and different experts, business and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organization).

The first common project of the network was a project named Global Ukraine News, which aims are to create information-analytical agency of global nature, which will promote ongoing objective and analytical information about Ukraine, which will positively influence the perception of Ukraine in Europe and worldwide.

The project model is based on western media and news agencies that are now developing new strategies for digital and citizen journalism. The key difference between our information project is the developing a network of “public journalists” who will share their views on events in Ukraine and the world from different points of the planet. As of today, we have contacts in 70 countries and cooperating with more than three hundred people diplomats (this can be found under the heading Global Ukrainians Online The next step is the launch of the Global Business Hub and Reform Academy.

Join our project Global Ukraine New and s You will be able to contribute to the resistance of Russian opposition and disseminate your views on Ukrainian processes in the world.