The Forum Global Ukrainians Manifesto

Global Ukrainians is the global network of proactive citizens and world communities, which create extraterritorial Ukrainian space and are “agents” of change and influence of Ukraine.

Mission of Global Ukrainians:

Create extraterritorial state UA – space that generates new meanings, new horizons of thought and action.

Values ​​and Principles of Global Ukrainians:

Dignity, aspiration for freedom, development, responsibility, fairness, “naive” romanticism, tolerance.

Ukraine is Me. Competence, networking and team work, synergy of cooperation, intellectual optimism.

Zero tolerance to corruption.

The harmony of private and public interests.

The goals and objectives of Global Ukrainians:

  • The development of Ukrainian identity through vision
  • Creating a network: its maintenance and PR
  • Attracting investment for implementing and scaling projects
  • Export / import of intellectual resources / competences
  • Changes within the state: strengthening civil society progress
  • The formation of an attractive image and reputation development capital of Ukraine
  • Creation and support of global UA-companies

We will achieve the planned objectives through the implementation of local projects of the Global Ukrainians network and backbone network projects, such as:

Global Ukraine (brand), Global Ukraine News, Global Ukraine Academy and others.

Criteria for accession to the Global Ukrainians:

You share the values ​​and principles of this Manifesto

You are active within the goals and objectives of the Forum Global Ukrainians

Then Welcome!

Ukraine, Kyiv, July 12, 2015