UkraineIS presents Ukrainian startups at the top Swiss cybersecurity event


#UkraineIS Chairman Sergiy Vakarin participated in #BlackAlps18, the annual Swiss conference on cybersecurity in Yverdon-les-Bains

The conference began with the Opening Words by Professor Sylvain Pasini (HEIG-VD (Haute Ecole d’Ingénierie et de Gestion du Canton de Vaud) – Vaud Higher School of Engineering), President of the Black Alps Association and general chair of BlackAlps18.

The scale of DDoS attacks starts to threaten the future of the Internet in its current form – this is the conclusion from Christian Polini’s presentation. Only the Internet giants may have the capacity to successfully withstand global DDoS attacks in the future, as the use of encryption makes defense harder and even nation states lack means to protect traffic.

IT security consultant Renaud Lifchitz, who is known for his security and blockchain research, provided fascinating insights into advances in practical quantum computing. Free quantum chips available on the cloud, the largest quantum chips exceed 50 qubits. This number is known as quantum supremacy (quantum chip exceeding the power of a classical computer). Lifchitz demonstrated how to program quantum chips for reversing some cryptographic building blocks using quantum circuits.

Another French security researcher Patrick Ventuzelo (Quoscient) mainly focused his presentation on Reverse Engineering and Vulnerability Research of Ethereum-based smart contracts Ethereum is a well-known platform for smart contracts due to the possibility to create decentralized applications. However, many real-life smart contracts have vulnerabilities and can be reversed. Ventuzelo mentioned various flaws of smart contracts like integer overflow/underflow, bad randomness, backdoors etc.

Peter Hladký, the member of the Threat Defense Analysis team of Credit Suisse, made a remarkable presentation on the annual Locked Shields exercise organized by NATO in Tallinn, Estonia since 2010. In 2018, 1000 participants from 30 different nations participated. The attacking red team tested the financial sector and the different accompanying frameworks, and 22 blue teams worked to defend them.

Several workshops within the Conference framework were especially popular. Nicolas Heiniger of Compass Security conducted The Hacking Lab workshop, and the room was completely packed! And this is of no surprise as Heiniger’s main areas of interest are web applications and penetration testing.

Sergiy Vakarin presented Ukraine’s developments in cybersecurity and blockchain and UkraineIS startups. Until now, there has been a lack of awareness in Eastern Europe about opportunities and potential partners in Switzerland and vice versa. UkraineIS addresses this issue by cooperating with many Swiss companies.

Finally, Y-NOT-CTF hackathon (Capture The Flag) coordinated by Loic Haas (HEIG-VD (Haute Ecole d’Ingénierie et de Gestion du Canton de Vaud)) was probably the most popular event at the Conference. Congratulations to 0daysober team for first place!

Yverdon’s Y-Parc, the venue of BlackAlps18, is a perfect location in historic Yverdon-les-Bains at Lake Neuchatel.

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