International Hi-Tech and Future Forum: aerospace, IT, law, education, art and role of UkraineIS


Written by: Sergey Vakarin, UkraineIS Chairman

Photos: Boris Godlevsky

International Hi-Tech and Future Forum was the highlight of the scientific, technical and cultural life in Kyiv this October. The Forum hosted talented young people of Ukraine, representatives of international organizations and state-of-the-art technology companies from different countries. Member of the European Commission’s Friends of Ukraine Group Benedikt Herrmann, head of the Katapult Ocean Business Incubator Maren Hjorth Bauer (Norway), CEO of the American-Georgian Spotcoin company Tim Gick (USA) and many others greeted the Forum participants.

Future of Aerospace

Since the Forum took place within the framework of the UN World Space Week, aerospace was among the key topics. The participants were excited when the only representative of Ukraine at MarsOne (the Netherlands) Sergii Iakymov told about his preparation for the flight to Mars and answered their questions.

Sergiy Vakarin summarized the outcomes of last year’s Space and Future Forum and announced the new phase of the Cosmohack.

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The main event within the Forum was the Future of IT and Aerospace Technologies conference. Its participants shared the results of their work. In particular, the head of several space companies, champion of asteroid exploration Rick Tumlinson (USA), described how his companies are cooperating with NASA and shared his advice how Ukraine could expand its international space cooperation. In turn, researcher Jonathan Nyago (Uganda) shared the experience of participating in the Indian space training program for African countries.

UkraineIS: international hi-tech cooperation and Business Incubator

Sergiy Vakarin’s keynote contained numerous success stories of UkraineIS and Winton teams in recent years. Ukraine has many accomplishments to be proud of. Our companies are represented in the Silicon Valley (including Winton’s AuthorWeb technology), as well as cooperation with Google and other world-class high-tech companies. UkraineIS presented Ukrainian companies at the Mobile World Congress, Swiss Payment Forum and other international events. Also, UkraineIS organized many international projects in Ukraine.

Vitaliy Nebylitsa shared the experience of managing a high-tech business, in particular using the technology of Authorweb in Internet projects.

Sergiy Vakarin announced the new phase of Cosmohack and the Alley of Startups and Business Ideas. Presentation of Blockchain startup (Mykola Vovk, Taras Babich) was the winner of this contest.

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For the first time in Ukraine, new Western funds and contests (hackatons) were presented at the Forum, which will help Ukrainian startups create their own high-tech business and receive funding through the assistance of UkraineIS Business Incubator.

There are many perspectives for the talented Ukrainian youth as UkraineIS helps boost international cooperation and business with the countries of the West and the Far East in such areas as Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, linguistic technologies, media, fintech, blockchain (presented in the Silicon Valley and at the World Mobile Congress); aerospace programs (projects with Antonov State Enterprise and cooperation with NASA); environment; Business Incubator and innovative training of programmers.

Systems architect Alex Planida introduced the new applications of virtual reality and blockchain technologies.

Legal excellence

Ukraine shows good international results in the field of law. Sergiy Vakarin is Project Coordinator of the Lord Slynn European Law Foundation (UK) in Ukraine. He conducts regular projects with one of Europe’s leading lawyers, Slynn Foundation’s Trustee Rt Hon Sir Robin Auld. As a result of this cooperation, in the recent years four out of seven Foundation scholarships have been provided to young lawyers from Ukraine.

Workshop of Talents

Workshop of Talents project, also presented by Sergiy Vakarin, includes comprehensive high-tech training program (visual programming, English with virtual reality, robotics, etc.) gives results. Participant of Cosmohack Maria Beletsky was admitted to the University of British Columbia (Canada). And her team, The Future of Hi-Tech and Education, which won the Cosmohack prize from UkraineIS, made a successful presentation at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona (Spain).

Programs for teaching children and young people (from programming to English) were presented together with partners of UkraineIS in such areas as robotics, virtual reality, game development and blockchain.

Sergiy Vakarin, together with Forum participants Mykhailo Samiylenko and Kyrylo Agapov made proposals regarding the SilentBooks project (Switzerland). Yaroslav Pidlutsky presented the StartNow Business School.

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UkraineIS partners UMAKO Suzirya and Lileya Center presented outcomes of Ukrainian-Polish youth exchange project.

Feast of Arts

The final event of the Forum was the Feast of Arts, which featured Vitaliy Kuschak, Victoria Tomak, Natalia Kireeva and Adriana Pchelintseva. The participants congratulated Benito Zara, a graduate of the KSSMSH Lysenko School with the entrance to the prestigious International Piano Academy “Incontri col Maestro”, Imola (Italy).

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