VI Global Ukrainians Forum: Ukraine and its hi-tech integrate into the modern world


Innovations, hi-tech and Ukraine’s integration into modern global processes were among the main topics at the Sixth Global Ukrainians Forum, which took place on July 6 – exactly 3 years since the first Global Ukrainians Forum.

Founder of the Forum Violeta Moskalu emphasized the key goals and achievements of the Global Ukrainians network. “Global Ukrainians want Ukraine to become a global country of happy people! To this end, it is necessary to promote close ties between Ukraine and Ukrainians abroad. Global Ukrainians have done a lot together: for example, they have jointly developed a network management model, which involves multiple leaders and rotation of leaders (the key success factor of network structures). Global Ukraine News portal was created to inform about how Ukrainians live in more than 80 countries on different continents. A business hub to promote Ukrainian brands in the world was launched to promote creative economy through a catalog of Ukrainian brands, find partners for Ukrainian entrepreneurs and draw investment for Ukrainian projects at the global level”

Acting Minister of Health Dr. Ulana Suprun invited expats to submit their candidacies to government positions. “We must change the law in order to recognize the right of expats to have an influence on the processes that take place in Ukraine, for example, to facilitate their entry into Ukraine,” she said.

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Vadym Tryukhan, Managing Partner of YUMAS Law Firm, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the European Movement of Ukraine, is also convinced: “Ukrainians who became successful abroad should come to state and local government, as it was the case in the countries of the Baltic and other post-totalitarian, newly-established or restored states. “

Former Minister of Economic Development Pavlo Sheremeta identified factors for maximizing the use of Ukrainian potential. They include:
– Drawing investment;
– Facilitating business in Ukraine;
– Education that would develop innovation and creativity of Ukrainians.

Dmytro Kovalchuk, director of Chervona Khvylia company, developer of the international xBeam 3D metal printing project, is convinced that foreign Ukrainians have all the skills and social features that are necessary for the development of modern Ukraine. Involving Ukrainians with foreign experience as consultants and partners will help Ukrainian business.

xBeam 3D Metal Printing is a Ukrainian innovation project that develops unique technology and equipment for 3D metal printing. The project has already received a grant from the European Union under the Innovation Support Program for Small and Medium Business under the Horizon 2020 programme. The team won the second stage of the Climate Innovative Vouchers Program, under which ten Ukrainian companies received 400,000 Euros from the EU and the EBRD for the development of breakthrough climatic and resource-saving innovations.

Oleksandr Nechyporuk, member of the Board of Directors of the Franco-Ukrainian Association for the Exchanges between Lorraine and Ukraine, an engineer andresearcher at the Research Center of Arcelor Mittal  (France), believes that Ukrainians should advance their science-intensive technologies in three directions: education, work and scientific communication. Most promising areas include:
– Additive production (3d printing);
– Robotics;
– Artificial Intelligence;
– Nanotechnology/

Recently, Ukrainians have presented their achievements, including in the field of technology, in many countries of the world. For example, Olha Stolyarchuk, a co-founder of the Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance, manager of Ukraine Discovery Tour (Tel Aviv) presented the important field of business diplomacy, especially promotion of modern Ukrainian startups.

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Ukrainian technological developments remain indispensable in the world – it’s enough to mention  An-225 Mriya, the largest airplane in the world and An-124 Ruslan, which turned out to be the only aircraft capable of transporting Elon Musk’s Falcon rocket components. Sergiy Vakarin, who presented Ukrainian high-tech at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and the Swiss Payment Forum in Zurich, informed that these topics will be discussed at the Space and Future Forum in October. Alex Planida, expert on cybersecurity and virtual reality and one of the authors of the above projects, was also present at the Global Ukrainians Forum.

Participants of the Forum told about numerous projects and events presented by Ukrainians in France, the USA, Canada, Greece, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Poland. For example, active business ties are maintained between Ukraine and Greece, said Anya Maniati, President of Borysphen and founder of Ukranorama.

International education is important for talented Ukrainian youth, especially those who can modernize Ukraine. Olena Skalianska, Coordinator of Canada’s Mitacs Globalink Research Internship Program in Ukraine (Toronto), told about the educational opportunities for Ukrainians to conduct research in Canada. The exchange program started in Ukraine last year, and the recruitment for the next round of internship begins in July.

Lubov Bodnarchuk, President of the Franco-Ukrainian Association “ART, culture and créativité“, talked about establishment of a showroom of Ukrainian creative brands in Paris, and the organizers of the Forum Alyona Moskalu and Marta Oliynyk-Domochko presented well-known Ukrainian brands to the participants.

The Ukrainian expats, who at one time returned from abroad to reform Ukraine during the so-called “first wave of expats”, were also present at the Forum: Oleksandr Peptsovsky was Chief Operating Officer  of Ukrposhta,  Olena Tregub was Director of the Department of International Programs at the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and Lyuba Shypovych was Director of the Department of Investment and Development of Odessa Oblast State Administration. In their opinion, expats in Ukraine have great potential due to their international experience, proactivity and greater independence from the system that needs to be changed.

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As in previous forums, numerous cultural projects of Ukrainian communities were presented. In this context, the speech of Volodymyr Sheiko, the newly appointed Director of the Ukrainian Institute, was important. France institutionalized its cultural diplomacy 111 years ago but Ukraine is doing it only now, on the 27th year of independence. The Ukrainian Institute should represent the modern Ukraine, its Director says.

In conclusion, Foundation’s Managing Director Dr. Marta Oliynyk-Domochko informed that the Foundation will continue to provide maximum information support and help to promising Global Ukrainians projects. The Foundation is working to ensure launch of #MyGlobalUkrainians , the online platform of Ukrainian activists, initiatives and projects of the world by September 2018.

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