Space projects and children of the future: UkraineIS has held several events within the framework of the first Future Fest in Ukraine


Photo by Boris Godlevsky

On April 12, the Day of Cosmonautics, the first Future Fest in Ukraine was conducted. Discussion on the international space industry featured many inspiring front-edge technologies.

UkraineIS chairman Sergey Vakarin presented the most up-to-date space projects (blockchain, cybersecurity and augmented reality) and summed up the Ukraine@4YFN-MWC meetup conducted by UkraineIS within the framework of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Augmented reality projects of SecureIO and SIMO AR, which were presented at the Congress, were also showcased at the Future Fest.

Monty Myrtle, who spent a year at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, described NASA’s polar experiments, such as gardening in extreme conditions and the Ice Cube, the under-the-ice telescope to observe the Universe. Recently Monty launched Ukraine Inside Out, the international project for popularization of Ukraine in the world, which is now available as a mobile app.

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Svitlana Hutka described the venture funding options for aerospace start-ups on the basis of her experience at Stanford University. And philosopher Sergiy Datsyuk discussed with the participants Ukraine’s prospects in the Solar system exploration. Future Fest organizers Artem Nikolenko, Maxim Sheremet and Sergiy Yatskov presented many projects for the aerospace technology fans at the Sikorsky KPI University. The hi-tech exhibition included robotics, 3d printing and more. In Drones Racing contest, the participating teams constructed and launched their UAVs.

Sergiy Vakarin also organized the Kids of the Future contest within the Future Fest. Young space enthusiasts presented their projects on the space theme. Kyrylo Agapov received the Best Tech Solution prize for the Lego Cosmodrome project.

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In the recent years, most developed countries started conducting Future Fests. Now Ukraine joined the club: the best way to predict future is to create it.

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