Several space events in Kyiv confirmed Ukraine’s status as a hi-tech nation


This fall we celebrated two prominent space anniversaries: the 60th anniversary of the launch of the first satellite (October 4) and the 20th anniversary of the flight of the first astronaut of independent Ukraine (November 19). Several events were conducted around these dates, including the International Space and Future Forum, the world’s first CosmoHack, as well as the Space Launch meetups in Kyiv. The first meetup was held after the Forum and the CosmoHack, and the second one was on November 20.

At the first meetup, the organizer Myroslav Vasylenko thanked SpaceHub, UNIT City, UkraineIS and other partners of the event. Paul Thomas, Advisor to the Rector of the Wisconsin University in Ukraine and the Forum speaker, discussed how people will work in the future and who are more likely to keep work. Lead engineer of the State Enterprise Ukrcosmos Operations Department, Sergiy Volkov told about the project to launch the first Ukrainian telecommunication satellite Lybid in which he participated, and presented the work of the Council of Young Space Industry Workers of Ukraine. Nazar Bendasiuk, a postgraduate student at the Institute of Telecommunication Systems of the KPI University, spoke about Ukrainian nano-satellites. In particular, he is a member of the research group that created the second Ukrainian nano-satellite PolyITAN-2-SAU. This satellite was launched this year to study the atmosphere.

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The second meetup started with the presentation by Sergiy Yatskov (UMAKO Suzirya), the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Space and Future Forum. Since the independence of Ukraine, Suzirya has been the lead organization in aerospace education. Next, Oleksandr Butkalyuk and Andriy Muzychenko presented the MarsHopper team, which won the global first place at the NASA Space Apps Challenge with the support of UkraineIS. They talked about their space passion, the MarsHopper’s path to victory and new projects. As most NASA Space Apps projects, MarsHopper has a highly developed IT component. Finally, two developers from Dnipro demonstrated how individuals can undertake space projects. Dmytro Khmara, a Space Cossacks team designer who participated in the 2016 FAI World Space Models Championships in Lviv, spoke about amateur space initiatives and rocket modeling in Ukraine. Models of missiles, in particular the prototype of the orbiter, were demonstrated by Dmitry Kostrenko.

Initially Myroslav Vasylenko presented his space meetups project at the СosmoHack. The Space and Future Forum co-organizer and the СosmoHack founder Sergiy Vakarin scored his work as the most inspirational project among the ones presented at the event.

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The Council of Young Workers of the Space Industry of Ukraine was presented at the Forum by its Head Stanislav Tsyhichko. Representatives of several enterprises at the Council also were the Forum speakers, including KB Pivdenne Design Bureau and the National Center for Space Asset Management and Testing. The scope of the Center’s activity includes, in particular, coordinate/time and navigational support systems; control and analysis of the space environment, including space debris; monitoring of radiation and seismic conditions and other functions.

The meetups took place at the UNIT City, where many interesting events take place and a local chapter of the School 42, founded by Nicolas Sadirac, has been operating. The school trains programmers based on a new method of self-study without teachers. Roman Kupin, who graduated from the first level of this school, developed a fintech project in cooperation with Sergiy Vakarin.

This year several ESA member states made funding available for fintech-related applications and services based on the integration of space and non-space technologies.

Ukraine has a high ranking in the world in high-tech, including IT and space industry. Ukrainian rocket engines and stages are used in space programs of many countries. Thirteen Ukrainian outsourcing companies are part of the 2017 Global Outsourcing 100, and the rating of software developers 2017 Software 500 includes a Ukrainian company N-iX and seven companies with development centers in Ukraine.

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