Global Ukraine created a communication platform to support modernizing Ukraine and to facilitate the implementation of effective reforms in the country’s foreign political activities


Global Ukraine created a communication platform to support modernizing Ukraine and to facilitate the implementation of effective reforms in the country’s foreign political activities. These were the main subjects of the III Global Ukrainians Forum, which took place 15-16 July in Kyiv.

The International Organization Global Ukraine was the organizer of the Forum. This is a network of younger Ukrainian expats, who have international experience and an global perspective. Following the Revolution of Dignity in 2014, Ukrainian expats became active public diplomats, representing Ukraine’s interest internationally. Global Ukraine coordinates the efforts of different communities and volunteer groups of the young Ukrainian leaders all around the world.

Together they have developed a strategy for cultural and business diplomacy, and are working with various Ukrainian government ministries.

Reforms are not just initiated in parliament or government, but also through the establishment of new institutions and the launching of joint global projects such as those initiated by our network in the first year of its activities,” said Forum initiator and co-founder Violeta Moskalu.

Gennadiy Maksak, the head of the Board of the Ukrainian Prism Foreign Policy Group (analytical center in the area of foreign policy and international security), defined the possible types of cooperation between government agencies and Global Ukrainians:

  • participation in the development of strategies and program documents,
  • creating action plans and monitoring the implementation of different strategic plans,
  • participation in the development of strategies to popularize Ukraine in the world,
  • developing a multifaceted approach to monitoring information about Ukraine, and preparing counter-measures.


Olha Zhuk, head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ office of cultural diplomacy, set out the priorities of the ministry in cultural diplomacy for the next year, including the creation of a cultural web-site, which will allow a better promotion of Ukrainian culture, a calendar of events outside of Ukraine, a list of projects, and a partner search site.

Emphasis was also placed on the role of Global Ukrainians in promoting contemporary Ukrainian arts.

The Forum examined also the possibility of setting up a web-site to monitor the work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The III Global Ukrainians Forum brought together almost 250 participants from all around the world (USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, the EU, Asia and the Arab world countries).

The organization presented its key projects:

Global Ukraine News. This new informational agency provides true information about Ukraine to the world. According to community activist and political analyst Kateryna Kruk, Global Ukrainians are a major source of information about Ukraine: “The biggest problem in the embassies work is their slow reaction. Very often, our media do not report quickly about events. The role of Global Ukrainians is to provide this news quickly in their countries, at the local or national level. Global Ukrainians can say more than official representatives !”

Global Ukraine Business Hub. The III Global Ukrainians Forum discussed the establishment of the Business Hub, a networking platform which will develop innovative programs to promote Ukrainian exports to various countries and specifically to North and South America, Australia, the EU, Asia and Arab world countries.

Global Ukraine Academy. Continuing the work to establish an innovative on line university, Global Academy of Reforms, which will bring together Ukrainian academics from recognized international universities to meet with Ukrainian students and community leaders from various countries (Brussels, Strasbourg, London, Berlin, Washington, Boston, New York, San Francisco, Dubai, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Mexico, Johannesburg, Sidney, etc.).

In summarizing the two days Forum, Violeta Moskalu stated: “In the first year of its activities, the Global Ukrainians network has become a player in promoting Ukraine’s interests abroad; this resource is extremely important, it can’t be ignored. The network provides the government and various ministries with ready working models, strategy proposals, which can be discussed publicly. Our aim – to adopt this joint concept for the development of public diplomacy through Global Ukrainians network and to coordinate a joint plan of events to strength the synergy of the government and communities initiatives.”

A resolution was adopted at the end of the III Global Ukrainians Forum, which will be sent to various ministries and to the government together with the strategy for the development of public diplomacy through Global Ukrainians network. Representatives of all public institutions and experts from the civil society sector are invited to participate and provide their comments and recommendations by 10 September 2016 (

Video from III Global Ukrainians Forum

Infographics about Global Ukrainians projects.

Infographics about the Global Ukraine Business Hub.

Infographics about the most active Global Ukrainians communities.

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